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Thank you for wanting to fundraise for one of the Divo charities, and for consdering working with us. Here's what Il Divo Fans for Charity can do for you.

After reviewing your fundraiser details, our team will contact you, and further planning and execution details for your fundraiser will be jointly decided; they will be added to a Letter of Endorsement which will be sent to you. This letter serves as official and legal proof of the backing of your fundraiser by IDFC and the charities in question, by which you can prove fair dealings. Fundraisers endorsed by such a letter from IDFC and/or the charities are considered endorsed by them.

By submitting this form, you agree to the following:

  • to adhere to the regulations detailed in the Letter of Endorsement with IDFC and the charity/charities, which are final
  • to keep IDFC up to date with regular information on your fundraiser, as well as communication of its final result
  • to donate at least 10% of the amount raised to charity when ops costs are involved, and to provide IDFC with official donation confirmation - no personal profit can be made from fundraising
  • to, when the fundraiser has ended, have the agreed total added to the Il Divo Fans for Charity tally, and to be added to reports for the charities and our honorary president Sébastien Izambard, and on our websites - effectively raised totals in the IDFC tally cannot be modified or withdrawn
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