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Chung Yee
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Message from Chung Yee:

I've started a personal challenge for Sanfilippo Children's Foundation today. It's to give points to myself for several things daily and donate the total at the end of each month. (1 point = AU $1)

1. 1 hour morning walk : 1 point
2. 30 min yoga : 0.5 point
3. 1 unit of French, Italian or Spanish self study : 0.5 point
4. Special occasions like a friend's birthday : 5 points
5. Every book finished : 50 points (It's not daily, of course. haha I'm a translator and finish a book about every two months.)

It's not easy to exercise or study on my own. This way, I can keep my body, mind and soul healthier and richer. Besides, if I went to a gym or took lessons, I'd have to pay for them anyway. So, it's not that I'm giving up anything. I'll be the one who's getting a lot including my disappearing waistline. Hopefully.

Did my walk this morning and off to study and work. Wish me luck.

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