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Music for Sanfilippo T-Shirts - Chung Yee
Chung Yee
01/04/2015 to 11/06/2015
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You can now order your very own Music fo Sanfilippo T-shirt from Chung Yee! Here are the details:

Here are the Music For Sanfilippo t-shirts. :)
Grey V-neck : US$22 + delivery + donation
Colored sleeves : US$15 + delivery + donation
Basic : US$13 (US$14 for the largest one) + delivery + donation

No 3XL for the colored sleeves. V-neck shirts have only 3 sizes. Please check the size tables. Only white and grey for V-necks and several colors for the others. Will show you the color tables if anyone is interested. I'm sending one to Missouri, US, tomorrow and we'll know, roughly, the cost for the delivery.

Music For Sanfilippo was an online charity concert for Sanfilippo Children's Foundation.

I made these shirts in honor of my girl who hand-drew the letters and also played the flute in the video. If you're willing to pay for the shirt, delivery fee and a little extra for the Foundation, I'll order your choice of shirt and send it to you. The amount of donation is totally up to you. I'll donate all except the cost and show you the receipts for the order, delivery and donation. The shirt will be sent by ship to reduce the cost. Please be patient. ;)

Would you spread the words for this rare disease by wearing this shirt and help funding the Foundation? Big thank you from my kids. And me, too. :)

You can place your order through her Facebook. Thank you so much, Chung Yee!

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