Music For Sanfilippo

Music for Sanfilippo - Chung Yee
Chung Yee
11/02/2015 to 25/03/2015
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Message from Chung:

Dear friends,

A few weeks ago, I released a red baloon in honor of a red-haired boy who went back to heaven, free from the Sanfilippo syndrome. When my boy came back from school that afternoon, I told him what I did. He cried silently and asked how he could help. He's just turned 12 last month. We talked about this and that and the young kids who had busked for the Foundation in Sydney came into my mind suddenly. I suggested what if he played for the kids so that other grown-ups would be inspired by that. He loves to play violin. My girl, who's 16 and plays flute, is likely to join him. It started like that.

Feb 28 is Rare Disease Day. Various events for raising awareness are taking place in 84 countries. Why don't we, the divas, participate in this? I'd love to call this #MusicForSanfilippo. They say, when the words fail, music speaks. Who knows better what music can do than the Il Divo fans?

I suggest :

1. Take a video of you, family or friend(s) playing music of any kind.

2. Show a sign saying MusicForSanfilippo in the video.

3. Post the video on YouTube(Please put MusicForSanfilippo in the title) and send me the link.

4. If you're not familiar with YouTube, send the file to

5. I'll post the links to all the videos on Feb 28. (I'll make this day an exception to my SNS diet challenge.)

6. A donation page related to these videos will be made at some point.

7. If enough people pledge their participation, our event will be posted on the Rare Disease Day site. (They would have trouble deciding where to put ours on the map. LOL)

You don't have to be an accomplished musician. The goal of this event is to show our concern to the kids with Sanfilippo along with their families and help raise the awareness. If we could raise some fund, too, it would be wonderful.

I know it's rather a short notice but will you please join my kids?


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