Lent 2016

Lent 2016
Lesley Ann Jones, Anne-Lies Jacobs, Lynn Law, Delphine Decoster, Sylvia Van Heusden, Il Divo's Ladybugs, Chung Yee
10/02/2016 to 26/03/2016
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When Lesley told me about the fact that every year during Lent she gives up chocolate, crisps, cakes and biscuits, and that this year she was planning on putting 1 pound per day in a jar and donate the end result to Il Divo Fans For Charity, to benefit our charity actions, I felt that, much like I did last year with the social media diet, this was something I could do as well and leave aside sweets of any kind.
So on 10th February, Lesley and I will start our "fast" and raise a bit of money for our organisation until 24th March.
Everyone is welcome to join us with similar ideas, let us know via hello@ildivofansforcharity.com.


30€ was donated by Chung Yee to AMTM
20€ was donated by Sylvia Vanheusden to Sanfilippo Children's Foundation
58.66€ was donated to all three organisations separately dividing the total of the other participants

12th Feb 2016 - Ladybug support!

For our Lent action which has recently started, we're also getting support from over the pond, from the Il Divo's Ladybugs group! Their donation will go towards AMTM which is their charity of choice. Thank you so much ladies for your support!

5th Feb 2016 - Reinforcements

Lesley and I are honoured to be joined by 3 more amazing ladies in our Lent action: Lynn Law (UK), Delphine Decoster (Belgium) and Sylvia Van Heusden (The Netherlands)! Like ours, their donations will be split between the charities. Together we can do this!
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