Il Divo Mugs Auction

Il Divo Mugs Auction - Chung Yee
Il Divo Mugs Auction - Chung Yee
Chung Yee
19/01/2015 to 25/01/2015
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Message from Chung Yee:

Probably my last auction for Sanfilippo Children's Foundation.

They are very... strong? solid? haha The printing quality is also good. I've been using them everyday for years now. Don't worry about a yellow mark below Carlos. These are mine and you'll be given the new ones. I have 6 colors but only 2 unused, brown and yellow. Even though you're not one of the Korean Divas, please regard the phrase as a token of our friendship. :)

You can bid in Australian dollars in your comment. The highest bidder, after announced, is expected to donate the sum to the Foundation( and show me the receipt.

This auction closes at midnight this Sunday, Jan 25, Korean time.

You know this is for helping two kids who need a medical trial. There's no known cure for the disease they're suffering from. Please make the sum as high as possible. I'm willingly paying for the delivery.

Thank you.


50 AUD raised
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