Change for Change

Jo Barrass-Short
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Change for Change is our new campaign where we encourage everyone to donate spare change to the AMTM Nepal fund ASAP. How to donate will come later once set up but for now we ask you to prepare to donate a pound, euro, dollar etc. no more and then you ask 10 people to do the same. This is one chain worth spreading. Let's make this a huge success with little cost to each other. With love from Jo and Anne Lies xx

27 May 2015

Ok so at long last we have our payment method for 'Change for Change' campaign to raise urgent funds for AMTM Nepal appeal. To make donations you can do this direct to AMTM's PayPal account. Just put the following email address as follows.... This will go straight to the AMTM pot. When you make your donation, please enter 'Change for Change' in the subject/reference so that we have your name for the draw to win Sebs hat kindly donated back to AMTM from Bibi.

If you have trouble using PayPal please let me know as we have other options but this is better for AMTM and remember, it doesn't have to be a big huge donation, a little from a lot of people will help make a difference.

Please share this with all your friends, family, everyone. Let's help rebuild the lives of those who really need our help.


12 May 2015

Thanks to Bibi you'll be able to win a tribly hat signed and worn by Sébastien when you donate to #ChangeforChange! Details on how to do this are to follow ASAP.
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