CD Album Auction

CD Album Auction - Chung Yee
CD Album Auction - Chung Yee
Chung Yee
17/12/2014 to 11/01/2015
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Message from Chung Yee:

I'd love to send these 4 CDs to anyone who's willing to donate to Sanfilippo Children's Foundation. (Voices not included. Already sold to another for donation.)

1. With Love : 2CD. Released in 2008 in the UK. Il Divo's Notte Di Luce included.
2. Wicked Game : Japanese deluxe version with CD/DVD. Japanese lyrics included. The plastic wrapping is broken but the discs are new.
3. Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda : OST of a Japanese drama. Il Divo's Time To Say Goodbye with 20 other instrumental pieces from the drama included. (You can search for 'Kosaku Kuroda' on for a clearer image.)
4. The Caruso single : Collector's item?

I'll send them to the highest bidder after the person sends me the donation receipt. I pay for the delivery.

I don't listen to them anymore. If they can find a new owner and some help goes to the Foundation, I'd be very much delighted.

The closing time isn't fixed.

You can contact Chung Yee via her Facebook profile


Auctioned off for 50 AUD for the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation! Thank you to Chung and the winner who prefers to remain anonymous!
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