Birthday Keychain

Birthday Keychain - Peggy Divolo
Peggy Divolo
07/03/2015 to 01/05/2015
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Message from Peggy:

To celebrate Sebastien Izambard's birthday and his ‪charity commitment for AMTM, i have created (with permission) a keychain to raise money. You all know how much i like kids aswell the Nepali kids from AMTM.
I know how much you all apreciate our French Divo, and it would be great if you are joining me to make this ‪#‎sebcharity‬ goody a huge succes.
This is a limited keychain which i sell for €6 (to give an idea it's $ 6,65 or £ 4,35). Inbox me for yours and i'll put it aside. When i do receive your money, it's yours and will be send asap to you. Thank you so much in advance. Big Belgian hug. Maybe who knows i have to make a second order and that would be awsone

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