AMTM Valentine's Raffle

AMTM Valentine's Raffle - Jo Barrass-Short
AMTM Valentine's Raffle - Jo Barrass-Short
AMTM Valentine's Raffle - Jo Barrass-Short
AMTM Valentine's Raffle - Jo Barrass-Short
Jo Barrass-Short
01/01/2015 to 11/02/2015
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Hello. Not long to the Christmas festivities. I hope you're all prepared and ready for the mayhem!!
Ok so I now have the hat from Seb so we are nearly ready to sell raffle tickets. Once I finish work tomorrow I can concentrate on AMTM. The plan will be to sell tickets up until 13th February and then as per usual I'll ask Laurent and Virginie to do the honours and pick the winning ticket. Price per ticket will be £1 each, that way everyone can take part.

Update 6th Dec: pictures of the prize! Thank you, Jo!

Message from Jo:
"Well it looks like I have a very special prize for my Valentines AMTM raffle. I'm at work (lunch break of course) but wanted to announce it because you'll be fighting to get your hands on this little item. Thank you Sebastien Izambard. To be continued..... xx"


Nearly 600 EUR raised. Congratulations Jo, Bibi and Lesley!

To keep up to speed, check out Jo's Facebook page

11 Feb 2015

As you can see in the video here, AMTM president Laurent Charbonnier has announced the lucky winners: congratulations BIB IDsister and Lesley Jones! And thank you Jo for another awesome amount of money raised for AMTM.

6 Feb 2015

Runner-up prizes have been donated by Edna Kelley (thanks for the lovely Il Divo scarf) and Chung Yee and the Korean Divas (amazing metal bookmarks!)
A little bird told me the total is now up to 575! That's great! Come on people, go go go!

29 Jan 2015

Just a quick update to say we have sold 331 tickets which adds up to around €444. This is such great news, thank you. Remember you can still buy tickets until 10th February so please spread the word. Those who bought tickets over the last couple of days you'll have your numbers tomorrow. Thanks again guys, Sebastien would be proud of you all working so hard to help AMTM. xxx

14 Jan 2015

Drum roll.....we have reached just over €375 for Sebastien's hat which is great news. Don't forget, it's £1 a ticket. I like to put the total in euros because it sounds more ;) 1 more month to go, thanks so much guys xxx

9 Jan 2015

Just a quick update before I go to bed.... €260 and counting. Great job guys but it needs to keep climbing. Please spread the word, share share share and remember, even if you can only afford 1 ticket that's still great and it could just be the lucky one xx Sleep well xx

31 Dec 2014

Hello and Happy New Year to you all.
So it looks like the UK just giving companies are proving impossible to set up as per the previous company I used. So tickets will go on sale tomorrow at £1 per ticket. I'm accepting payment via paypal and my email address is It's not ideal but for those of you who struggle with this method please PM me and I'm sure we can sort something out. Don't worry, all the money will still go to AMTM along with a list of ticket numbers and names so the amount will match. Please include your email address or PM me once you've purchased your tickets so I can issue you with your number. Once the raffle closes on 14th February, I will arrange with Laurent and Virginie to do a little video to announce the lucky winner of this fantastic prize. Let's raise some money for this amazing little charity that is very close to our hearts. Lots of love, Jo (UK Representative for AMTM) xxx
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