AMTM Rainbow Crayon Collection

AMTM Rainbow Crayon Collection
Florence Martin & Sébastien Izambard Fan Club
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Children in Nepal and India, like all children everywhere, love to colour, especially mandala drawings.

The overwhelming success of our #CuddlesforAMTM action in 2015 (over 2700 teddies collected in a few months!) made us want to recreate this feeling of solidarity in another way. To add an extra touch of colour to these children's lives, Florence had the great idea to collect small packages of crayons (12 pieces max) which AMTM can take on their missions to Nepal and India to distribute to the children.

We are, as such, proudly presenting our #AMTMRainbow campaign - named after the link between the colours of the crayons and the rainbow in the AMTM logo.
Want to help out? Want to know more? One address:

Come on Divas, let's make this a success again!

12th Feb 2016 - Ladybug support!

The Il Divo's Ladybugs from the US have pledged support to our crayon collection! Thank you ladies!
04/06/2016 - 16:45

Over 2000 crayons collected in total! Thank you everyone!

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