2018 AMTM Calendar

Jo Barrass-Short
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From Jo's Fundraising Page:

So the next big project I'm organising is another calendar but exclusively for AMTM. It will be a long project and will involve a few lovely ladies wink emoticon and we aim to release it for 2017. I've discussed each month with my side kick (if she remembers, we did drink 2 bottles of wine) and she wasn't horrified with the ideas so I'm quite pleased. I'm meeting with a possible photographer soon and then to discuss venues, props etc so lots of planning. Hopefully we will have something beautiful in the end to spread the work of AMTM as well as the fans in picture. xxx

More updates will be added here as well as soon as they become available. Thank you, Jo!

Update from Jo 4th Jan

Who would like to be in the next main AMTM calendar? Send a picture to Anne-Lies (my computer literate guru) at amtmcalendar@ildivofansforcharity.com for your chance to have a teeny tiny part of you in the month of February. All your pictures will create a pixel picture of the AMTM rainbow. All i ask is that you donate €1 along with your favourite photo (you can send it via Paypal to m.gille@amtm.org) and all this money will be used to place the order of the first batch of calendars and the rest will go straight to AMTM. Anne Lies will give you the address's etc to send them then we will get together over the coming months and create our first month in print. JPEG format should be fine. Say cheeeeeese (or I should really say fromage:D) xx
16/10/2016 - 08:00
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