2016 Il Divo Fan Calendar


148 calendars sold and 1600 euros were raised for two charities!

30th Oct 2015 - TAKING PRE-ORDERS

Il Divo Fans For Charity 2016 Calendar 2016 TAKING PRE-ORDERS http://bit.ly/1kgK76s
The moment is here! Over 250 fans worldwide helped to create this 2016 HQ calendar made of fan photo's of our favourite band! Every page features photo credits and the back page has charity info as well as an in memoriam notice for fans no longer with us. In short: a MUST HAVE for every fan. The preview in attachment shows what you can expect. We are selling them for 20€ a piece, POSTAGE INCLUDED (anywhere in the world). Profits will be split between both AMTM and the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation - advance payment is necessary for efficient cost management. You can pay via Paypal, bank transfer or differently if you contact us.
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE CONTRIBUTING, espcially Beth and Chung who have gone through the huge work of creating and shaping the final product. We did this together for these amazing charities!

For our next Seb Fans For Charity project, the wonderful Beth Decheine will create a 2016 Il Divo calendar, sales of which will be split between the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation and Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde (AMTM). This calendar, available through the SIFC, will be composed entirely out of fans' pictures.

This means we need YOUR lovely Il Divo pictures! Send them to beth@sebastienizambard.net BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2015 and she will do the selection. The guidelines:

  • The picture(s) you send in have to be yours. Please mention your name. Submitting means you agree to your pictures being used (only) for the calendar.
  • Pictures have to be in HQ (High Quality) for print. Low quality pictures will not be considered.
  • Pictures will not be edited (eg tags and watermarks will be retained). The owner's name will be mentioned below the picture(s) when used.

You'll be able to follow the project's progress on www.sebfansforcharity.org. Any questions, let us know (fanclub@sebastienizambard.net). We'll tell you how to (pre)order in due time. Thank you so much to Beth for her efforts, and thanks in advance for your submissions. Let's help those charities together!

7th Sep 2015

ONE MORE WEEK to send your calendar pics to beth@sebastienizambard.net! After September 15th, the submission period is over and the labour of selection can begin - with about 250 pictures, you've made sure it will be very fruitful!
Thanks again to everyone participating, as soon as we have an idea of the finished product, we will let you know how to preorder!

31st Aug 2015

I've been informed that we now have nearly 250 submissions! That's no less than awesome and will ensure the end result will look fab. As soon as we have an idea of pricing and pre-order method, we will let you know. Thank you SO much everyone involved in this, this is a beautiful collaborative effort of so many Il Divo fans from all over the world. Another few weeks to go to submit your pictures!

24th Aug 2015

So far we've received well over 100 submissions (with only 12 months in a year that means we'll have our work cut out for us ;)). Judging by the qualtiy it will be a JEWEL of a calendar to benefit both AMTM and the Sanfilippo Foundation! Huge thanks! So far, we have identified one pic which was not taken by the person submitting. It's REALLY important that the pics you submit were taken by YOU (for permissions etc).

18th Aug 2015

So many submissions which is great, as you know group and individual pics of the Divos are still welcome. The calendar will of course also include a small write up on the organisations supported, as well as a discreet mention in honour of those fans who are no longer with us. A fitting way to honour these special people who will always be with us, in a project for fans, by fans, to help these wonderful charities

9th Aug 2015

Amazing pics are coming in, thank you! We'd just like to point out that not only group pictures, individual pictures of each of the guys are also very welcome, so keep those pictures coming! (beth@sebastienizambard.net)
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